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Accommodate Me?

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For those of you who did not watch my last vlog (ahem – Allison), I am taking a class at the school where I work.

I used to work in the disability services office of a large public university. I am very familiar with the type of accommodations for which a diabetic is entitled. Any time I meet a diabetic on my campus, I always advocate for them to set up their accommodations. I think it is better to for them to have them and never need them than wish you had them after something happens.

Now taking this class (again, watch the video), I find myself in an unfamiliar situation. I am really ambivalent about asking for accommodations.

I have never actually used them before (diagnosed in the last semester of last year of college, didn’t need them for grad school). My class is in the morning, which is when I am personally most likely to have a low blood sugar situation. Do I really want to take a test recovering from a low? It’s one class, do I really need anything? Again, I have never used them before. If I don’t ask and then need something, how much will I regret it? What do I ask for even? I don’t mind testing in class, and we can eat and drink in class with no problems.

Alright diabetic bloggers/readers, time for your collective two cents!!

it's like a crazy sorority!


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  1. pancreaticchallenged

    I am in college taking online classes through Kaplan University and they have set me up with accomodations. I am very glad I did it as we are only into week 5 and I have already had to use them twice for low blood sugars. I think it really all depends on how your body reacts to a low. For me it usually takes a minimum of 24 hours for my body to recover from one low and that is including physically and mentally. I basically want to sleep for the 24 hours. So I have 5 extra days on all homework and tests without even asking for it.

  2. I got through college just fine with no official accommodations. Maybe it was my particular program, but my profs were really understanding of treating lows and such, though I never asked to take an exam at a different time.

  3. I know a gal in college who was late to a final exam because she was low and couldn’t drive to campus. The professor didn’t accommodate her.

    I wasn’t even taking care of myself in college, and no one told me or my mom about anyone accommodating me in school, but I imagine it’s good to have something in place just in case – the same as people keep glucagon around, bring extra scripts when traveling outside the country, carry glucose or candy, bring extra insulin and pump supplies, etc. You hope you don’t need to use them, but every so often, you’re probably glad you prepared yourself.

  4. Oh my gosh, girl! DO IT!! I’ve always wanted to take Greek and Hebrew (hubby and I both graduated from Bible college… I was an ed degree, he was ministry so he got language, I passed on it) I think it could seriously open up a whole new level to understanding the Bible and the culture and what it meant to the people of that time!! Just swig some O.J. and keeps those oh so delicious raspberry tabs with you and you’ll be okay! Let us know how it’s going!!

  5. Take the accommodations and I’m so excited you’re taking Greek. Couldn’t watch the blog of course so I didn’t figure it out until the latest message. Why wouldn’t you set up the preparation just in case?

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