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I am an American Girl

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Happy Friday everyone!

Well, since no one (as far as I know) ran away from the screen screaming after viewing my first video, I have entered the world of vlogging again.

Kerri had a poll on her blog with the possible topics. I address the winner with my own personal spin.

Enjoy! (password: wonderful)

If you are wondering about the shirt I am wearing in the video, it is in support of an organization called Invisible Children, which is trying to bring awareness and aid to the plight of children in Northern Uganda and Sudan. Please visit their website and learn what you can do.

Happy weekend everyone! I can’t wait to see your vlogs!


4 responses

  1. AWESOME! 🙂 And I’m glad you did both topics. I wanted to do the items from my past one, too. I just might now.

    Any ideas for the next round?

  2. Joy hosted a viewing of the Invisible Children DVD at church. You cannot watch that documentary and not be changed. It is so sad and so powerful.

    Thank you for mentioning it here.

  3. O.M.G. I am an American Girl fanatic too! Whoa…what are the chances?!


  4. My daughter had Kirsten, too! The American Girl dolls & books were great and I’m glad they’re still popular.

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