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For better or worse, I recorded my first vlog tonight. The week before Friends for Life, I turned on my laptop’s camera and then I realized I had nothing to say. When Kerri mentioned it last Friday, I figured I should give it another shot. I’m still not sure it was a good idea. 😉

I am sitting in front of my recently painted red wall, although I need better lighting for you to be able to see the true color. I am considering filming future videos without my glasses, does the glare distract anyone else?

Viewer discretion advised: I may not have a fun Boston, Candadian, or Valley Girl accent, I do suffer from a very serious case of upspeak. I’m working on it.

Video password: wonderful

Here’s the video.

Okay, who else is submitting to this torture?


10 responses

  1. I love it! Your cats are great.

  2. Ahhhhh! I love it! The lion cut is fan-freaking-tastic on that fluffy one. I would pay big money to see my fat cat shaved up like that.

    And I love the red wall. Love it. 🙂

    I’m excited for more vlogging. I’ll post mine on Friday!

  3. No misery – it was fun!

  4. Very cool Sara. I may have to break out the Sombrero for my first Vlog Post.

  5. This was great! I love the cats’ new doos!

  6. I enjoyed it and I don’t even have sound so it must be really great for those that could hear it as well.

  7. Awesome! The cat haircut thing is superb! I laughed out loud (I was laughing WITH the cats, not AT them…).

    And look! Mom made another appearance! WOOHOO! Mom – we love Sara.

  8. Scott –

    I know – isn’t it great! And pure ‘Mom’. The sound doesn’t work on her computer when she is on the internet and she still said she enjoyed it! 😉

  9. That’s awesome. The cat cuts are amazing, but I’m even more amazed that they LET someone do that to them. Truly impressed.

  10. Awesome! I love the v-logging. Y’all might inspire me to give it a whirl!!! Maybe I’ll have your country tunes on in the background!

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