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Fixin’ to tell you more soon

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I told Mandy I would get one of my favorite southern phrases into my post title just for her.

I have about 90 pictures I took at Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life and a few posts to write (including the promised story), but let me tell you this – I am exhausted. I slept 10 hours last night after spending the day at Universal Studios (after spending the previous 3 days at the actual conference). I can tell you that I met some really amazing people and had an amazing time. Not now nor have I ever actually been a ‘child with diabetes’ – doesn’t matter!

Meanwhile, I made the ridiculous decision to work on Monday when I should have taken an extra day to catch up!

To hold you over until later, take a look at all this diabetes swag! And this is only part of it – I saw other families walking around with bags and bags of free stuff.


P.S. My mom posted a comment on my blog for the first time since its creation! Everyone go say hi!


5 responses

  1. We are still unpacking swag! 😀

  2. SWAG Rocks!

    I’m fixin’ ta go back to work tomorrow. hee hee… thank goodness for the extra day! Too bad not everyone could follow my lead, bless their hearts.

  3. Bless their hearts – they’re trying!

  4. Nice loot! I found your blog through Six Until Me; I’m having fun reading.

  5. The swag queen here. I am so tired. Just got in at 3 am yesterday. I think I slept most of the day away today. It was AWESOME meeting everyone. Can’t wait for next year!!!!!

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