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Humid much?

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The bedroom in my new apartment felt very heavy. As in, you could feel the air. Upon closer inspection, the miniblinds had some moisture on them.

I took a trip to Walmart to buy a dehumidifier. Well, they had air purifiers, and humidifiers, but no DEhumidifiers. Everyone I have told that little nugget to has found it as odd as me, considering I live in super humid Florida.

They did have them online though so I bought one right when I got home. Well, that was about a week ago and it finally arrived yesterday. Thankfully it was a plug-and-play.

I plugged it in at about 6 pm, and by midnight it was one-third full. I emptied it out and went to bed.

July 15, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 281

Well I had a GREAT night of sleep (it may have helped that I had today off work)!

Around four o’clock this afternoon I went into my room to get something and noticed a red light on the humidifier. The tank was FULL. In about 16 hours it collected 30 PINTS of water out of the room.

I’m glad it’s working – but WOW!!


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  1. That is some serious humidity. Like instant sweat!

    You need that dry heat I always hear about. Do they make a machine that does that?

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