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There is a lesson in it somewhere

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*** I started this post SIX DAYS ago! Such is my life now. I am way too busy for my own good! Still funny/interesting so I had to post it!***

As I mentioned before, I moved this weekend. In all the action and piles of boxes, I totally forgot I had a lab appointment yesterday for my A1c. Praying they could fit me in today, I headed over to the office this morning shortly after they opened.

They agreed to squeeze me in, so I took a seat in the waiting room to… wait. A few minutes later an older man walked in. In my office, we joke around about people walking around with iPods listening to the ‘soundtrack of their lives’. Well, this guy at the endos office was taking it to the next level. When he walked in, we could ALL hear the soundtrack of his life. He had an old school discman in his cargo shorts and had the big ol’ headphones resting on his arm.

He walks up to the counter to check in, and the receptionist asks where the music is coming from. Everyone in the waiting room points to the guy, but he acts completely clueless. One lady who was also waiting gets up to tell him his music is on, but again, clueless. We were amazed and couldn’t help but laugh just a little. I think that it did not help that a few moments earlier we had all heard another patient in the waiting room airing out all her family business (complete with every curse in the book) on the phone in front of us.

Finally I get called back to the lab area. There are a few chairs to wait in right in front of the lab and two blood draw seats. They tell me that I can go directly to the blood draw chair. They were drawing another patient’s blood in the other chair when all of a sudden the lights flicker and go out!!

Um, suddenly, the girl who never gets nervous around a needle (Kerri – I’m looking at you!), is having second thoughts about her lab work.

Thankfully, a lady sitting in the lab waiting area started beeping (she was in the middle of a GTT) so I suggest that I would be willing to trade with her. I hoped it would buy me a little time for the lights to come on.

It bought me time – but alas, no lights.

By only the light of a single flashlight, the phlebotomist went to work.

Wouldn’t you know – it was one of the least painful blood draws I have ever had.


Hopefully the results will be just as painless!!

**oh, and that lesson… I think it is – don’t forget your doctor’s appointments!


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  1. I’m surprised they went ahead and took your blood in the dark! I’m glad it wasn’t bad. Hope your results are good.

  2. I have to have blood drawn in the morning. I hope the lights stay on!

  3. when you aren’t looking at it, it’s probably not as painful. the worst is hospitals cuz they like to wake you from a dead sleep at 4am to do theirs.

  4. Holy cow!! I would have been scaaaaaared! Glad they uhh didn’t miss!

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