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I still owe you guys a post about my time in Ohio (work) and my time in New York (family). However, I am moving this weekend – finally! That is – if I can get some help. As self-sufficient as I usually am, I just don’t see myself moving my couch or bed down my stairs all by myself. The good news is, it only has to go around the block (I’m serious).

Quick story, when the group I was traveling with made it to the airport on our way back home, I asked the rest of my group if I could be one of the first to go through security so if I had any trouble I wouldn’t hold them up. Well, I think I am on a roll because I have not been stopped or set off the alarm in the last four or five trips (hopefully I have not jinxed myself now).

I was talking to the friend behind me about diabetes in the airports and keeping supplies with you, wondering why no one cares that we have syringes with us (that honestly could be carrying just about anything), and other random topics like that when we reached a seating area.

We were about to sit down to wait for the rest of our group when something familar caught my eye. Now, it’s not mine, but obviously I was following in the footsteps of another diabetic.

June 7, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 243

Ok, admit it. Which one of you has been leaving your trash in the Dayton airport? 😀


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  1. Did you break into “it’s a small world after all?” How cool !

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