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Let the freaking out begin!!!!!

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I am so mad!!!!!

I have been working on a project for another upcoming baby (like on of these – yes I know the pictures aren’t working).

The baby is due at the end of the month and I was decently close to finishing when tonight I noticed a HUGE ERROR! That I made at the BEGINNING!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

I am too tired to even figure out what to do but right now I just want to cry!


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  1. I can relate-nothing is worse. It’s a huge bummer. Usually I discard the project totally + do something else.
    Your friend will appreciate it whenever it gets done..if you start over + do it again, it will still be a wonderful keepsake + they’ll treasure it. So please don’t beat yourself up, even the experts make that mistake.(sooo easy to do)

  2. Hang in there, Sara. I know you’ll figure out something. 🙂

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