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Starting with the Leaking Waterbottle

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I have so much to write but no time to write it.

Last weekend I went out of town to Sarasota – that deserves its own post – and it will have one just as soon as I finish uploading and editing the pictures in Flickr. Much needed – and much fun!

I got my new UltraLink – the new RF meter for the MiniMed pumps. I like it, don’t love it – but am giving it a few days before the full review.

Due to a mistake at my endo’s office – I got 8 boxes of lancets. That’s right EIGHT. You can read more about it here – if you are so inclined – but let’s just say I am not paying for their mistake!

But the real purpose of this post – I have been carrying a plastic water bottle around with me for years – you know – trying to be healthy and all. Now I find out, I have probably be poisoning myself this whole time. Is anyone else worried about the BPA leaching out of plastics? Apparently, it can do a number on the endocrine system – affecting fertility and even increaing peoples chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

So today, I bought a SIGG water bottle. Overreacting – maybe. But I figure, better safe than sorry.


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