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Sara Needs a Meme

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I don’t typically do memes, but I figured I’d give this one a shot.

To do your own, type your name and then ‘needs’ (e.g, I typed: “Sara needs” – you will want to use the quotes) into google, and share the results with us (I skipped the ones that came from other blogs doing the same meme).

Sara needs… a loving, playful home.
So what if they were talking about a pet, don’t we all need a home like that?!

Sara needs a sense of individuality before anything else in her life can become truly meaningful.
Um… wow. This Sara seems pretty intense but I like it!

Sara needs a lawyer.
There is apparently a character on Prison Break that was having some tough times last year. This was actually posted on my birthday.

Sara needs you.

Sara needs to come back.
Anyone watch the original CSI? Apparently people do not like the fact that Jorja Fox left the show.

Sara needs paint!
She must really need it too. This one came with its own exclamation point!

Sara needs your opinion.
Sure. If it means I get more comments.

Sara need replies.
See above.

Sara needs a favor.
Not right now, but if I think of one, I will be sure to let you know.

Sara needs a slice of humble pie.
Especially when she has IRL and blogger friends as great as these!

About this time of year – every year I tend to get a little homesick (check the archives – this happened last year too). It is hard to be 3000 miles away from your entire family and only see them at Christmas and for a week in the summer. Well – it’s April and that is too far away from either. Working in education, it is also the time of year that people are changing jobs, changing plans, and our ‘favorite’ students are getting ready to leave.

So, that’s what Friday’s post was about.

Saturday turned out better than expected. Thanks to some anonymous donors, who I assume want to remain that way (but who probably did more to brighten my spirits than they will ever know), I not only met my JDRF goal – I exceeded it!

I found a friend who was willing to go to the work event a little late yesterday, and walked with me to the walk site. Yes, I live about half a mile away from my walk! 😀

It was about 85 degrees at 9:30 in the morning. Yikes!

We went straight to the registration table and dropped my money off – to one of my students btw – who was working on her school service hours.

I had warned my friend that I would also be checking out the vendor tables – not much good there except the pediatric Accu-check meter case which is all sorts of fun colors.

I dropped my keys at some point so that delayed our departure a little – and we were able to hear the kick-off speeches. The guy from Commerce Bank (the corporate sponsor) called it juvenile diabetes repeatedly – which really annoys me. Then the mayor kept pronouncing it diabeetus – like the Liberty Medical guy. Oh well. 😐

I got my keys back and we walked back to my apartment. We were really roasting at that point, so I cannot imagine having done the actual walk. I then attacked my gigantic to-do list, including doing my taxes, and am now looking forward to a decent sized donation from the federal government. Thanks guys!

this was a huge team!April 12, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 188 |twins?

So thank you bloggers and friends for all your support – I am sure I will need it again in the next few months!


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  1. Congratulations, Sara – on exceeding your goal! That’s so cool & I know it makes you feel better. I’m so glad you walked on Saturday.

    With everything else going on with you right now – remember – we’re here to support each other. So it’s okay to write about it. Hey, I’ve got email, too, so if you ever want to send me an email, that’s fine. Hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂

  2. Way to go Sara. I love those pictures, it looks like it was fun.

  3. Awesome Ron McD pic! Though I think you need some big red shoes…

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