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Under Water

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What are you guys doing this weekend?

I am off to the store to buy a waterproof camera. I am going on a snorkeling trip tomorrow.

I’ve been floating in the Dead Sea (obviously no snorkeling there – OUCH!) and snorkeling in the Red Sea since the big D so I am not too worried.

I’m just praying it doesn’t rain.



Beautiful skies, white puffy clouds, a decent breeze, a great day.

Currently sporting a decent sunburn. More later when I get the pictures back.


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  1. Sara – Sounds like a great trip. Hope you find a waterproof camera so you can share the snorkling pics with us. I can’t wait to see them.

  2. Hey, new template! Hope you have a wonderful time under water… it’s too cold for that here!

  3. yeah, I got bored. Not sure if I like it but I am giving it a shot 😀

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