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Just another day…

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It was a great day, the sun was shining – okay maybe the sun is always shining here – but it was shining today too!


I had my sliding glass door open most of the day and was really enjoying the breeze!
(side note: I was also watching Bobby which is a surprisingly good movie)

The sun was starting to set, which meant is was almost dinner time.


Once I started getting my dinner together, I noticed that I may have been a few minutes too late. I could feel the low rapidly approaching. I was almost ready – I just had one more thing to grab out of the fridge.

Let’s do the math: Dinner time + rapidly falling blood sugar (50) + food in the fridge + vase too close to the edge =

March 2, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 147

After I ate dinner, I had to clean up the mess – one of the few times I wished I had roommates


Just another day in paradise!



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  1. What a beautiful sky! Thanks for sharing your photos. The temperature is dropping here & we’re supposed to get an ice storm tonight. If we do, I’ll be looking at your photos again tomorrow & envying those beautiful skies again.

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