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The Weakest Link

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As you can tell from my previous post, I recently upgraded my pump. I knew I wanted the MiniMed 522; I knew I wanted clear (as I regretting smoke from almost the minute I got it last time). The biggest decision for me was whether or not I wanted to add the MiniLink CGMS system at the same time.

There was a strong motivation to get it at the same time as my pump. I have to pay for part of my pump on the payment plan through the pump company and if I got the CGMS system at the same time I could put it on the same plan.

I test A LOT. 10-12 times a day is a lot for my poor little fingers. I am kinda obsessed with numbers and staying in range. There is a significant draw to knowing your blood sugar at the touch of a button and poking your fingers a little less.

While I was waiting for insurance to finish its process, I would go back and forth each day – or several times in a day. To CGMS or not to CGMS – that was the question.

I honestly could not decide! So, I did what anyone would do in this situation – I employed the skills of this ninja I know.


George: hi
Me: hi
G: 🙂
M: question for you…
G: k
M: if you could afford the CGMS, would you get it? … i kinda can (w/ payment plan) but…

G: If I am correct, you can get the started deal that is good for one month. Is that correct? IF so, then you should try it. I would without a doubt…
G: but I would not sign up for a years worth because I may hate it.
M: there would be no insurance coverage, and no sample deal …, $999 for a starter kit including a box of 10 sensors
G: well, If I could I would. I like the idea of really seeing the trends
M: seriously one day i will have decided yes, the next day i decide no, i have gone back and forth for about a week
M: it is the only thing holding me back from getting by 522
M: they want to send them together if i get it
G: I dunno, think about the info you would gain
G: I am on that side of the fence. I must admit, Kerri’s post troubled me.
M: thats when i switched back to ‘no’
M: i was a yes the day before
G: okay so lets work it out
M: then today i was thinking ‘yes’ again
G: I am really good at this
M: lol
G: so, do you have to put out the 999 right off the bat?
M: not if i get it with my pump
M: i can put it on the same payment plan

G: now, the 999 is really only for one month
G: of sensors
M: ish
M: depending on how long you leave them in
G: right
G: so, I say do it
M: $350 for a box of 10
G: I mean, it would be different if you had to agree to continue buying them
M: the transmitter is under warranty for 6 months but they say it should last 3 years, and is $650
M: (the seashell part)
G: wow
G: right
G: good description!
M: i thought so!
M: should blend in a lot better on my skin that yours!
M: :o)
G: lol
G: The way I see it, you should go for it. If you don’t like it, you can ebay the sensors or something I bet!
G: I bet someone (maybe me) would be willing to take it off your hands
G: for a price!
M: haha
G: seriously
M: i just wish i knew when insurance was going to get onboard
G: So true
M: if it was like… a year… then i would totally wait
M: but if it is going to be a few years, then i would definitely get it
G: that is what is frustrating, who knows
G: I wonder what “the experts” think
M: who would that be?
G: i dunno
M: helpful!
G: I thought you were up on all that stuff
G: I am the OC’s biggest slacker
M: i am and they are totally split!
M: thats why i cant decide!
G: here is the thing
G: IF I had the abilty to try the newest latest gadget for diabetes management, i would try it
M: yeah… hmm…
M: i am usually the fastest decision maker
M: this one has really thrown me
G: I pay (insert amount) a month for my pump
G: if I could add the sensors to that payment I would
G: in a heartbeat
G: even for just a month of data
G: I think it would improve my control
G: that is the thing. You are in pretty good control
G: so…. what is your motive?
M: they are making me make payment of at least (insert amount) for my pump, i will have just the pump paid off in (insert time)
M: all of it together (at $ amount) in four
G: wow
G: that is cool

I am including this next part for informational purposes only – please keep that in mind

M: that is the thing – my last three A1cs were 5.6, 5.6, and 5.8
G: wow
G: do you really have diabetes”?
G: I am SOOOO kidding
G: i got that
M: just checking
M: i have never passed out from a hypo
G: so…You A1C is really as good as I can imagine it ever getting.
G: wow
M: never had a hypo i couldnt self-treat (consequence of living alone)
M: never been to the ER except a Dx
M: you can do a 5.8 – it is about a 120-130 avg,
G: that is awesome
M: no hypo unawareness
G: here is the thing
G: insurance is going to cover people who really need it
G: you would not fall into that catagory you know?
M: correct
G: so…save your money
M: so now you are saying dont?
G: yes
G: I am saying dont’t
M: haha, see why I cant decide!!
G: why do it?
M: you even changed your mind!
G: now that I have all the info
M: ’cause i like numbers, and knowing everything!
G: what “help” would it be
G: you must be pretty good at it to have that A1C
M: you wont like my answer – testing less
G: lol
G: That is the thing, it seems you have to test MORE just to calibrate the thing
M: ok, fine
G: are you mad?
G: that sounded angry
M: no, you are totally right
M: all the voices of reason say no
G: right
G: I agree the coolness factor is huge but really, for a grand?
M: i guess it will be nice with the 522 at least knowing i ‘could’
G: that is what I was gonna say
G: You should upgrade your pump
M: I am
G: yea

Then we got a little distracted but I think it is funny so I am including that too!

M: hey, have you ever read Pumping Insulin?
G: yeah i read it
M: read it, or READ (and did the worksheets) it
G: i know, i need to do that
G: I read them… I never Did that stuff. I am such a slacker
M: ’cause honestly, that, and testing 2 hours after meals is the only changes i made to bring my numbers down
G: that excites me Sara
M: and i eat horribly!
G: Cheese Sticks are not horrible!
G: 🙂
M: i have Burger King probably as often as Scott
G: i will do that, seriously
M: set your pump to remind you to test 2 hours after your meal
G: that i always do
M: then you are halfway there! 😀
G: I test before each meal (duh) and two hours after each.
M: i had dinner with a pumper tonight and the only reason he tested was because I had my meter with me
M: he ‘left his in the car’
G: woah
G: I would not even eat
M: bummer was that he was lower than me 😦
G: I have to know before I eat! HELLO?
M: 82 for him, 130 for me
G: i was 77 before dinner
G: <– winner
M: found out he never uses the bolus wizard either
M: “does the math in his head”
G: OMgoodness
G: I am way to dumb for that
M: i ‘might’ be able to do it for food
M: but not corrections
G: right
M: and IOB/active insulin
M: forget it!
G: yeah, that is confusing
G: help me wizard HELP!
M: ok, it is 12:30 here
G: go to bed
M: thanks!
M: and thanks for your help!
G: no prob
M: talking me out of a bad decision!
G: no prob. I think you are doing the right thing! Get that 522
M: have a great night!
G: and when insurance is ready, you will be too
M: tomorrow i promise, the rep is waiting for my call
M: (expect a blog about this when I have time) 😀
M: nite
G: nite

the two Georges


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  1. With numbers like that, honestly, I wouldn’t bother. It’s more of a hassle than a benefit right now. Maybe the next gen will be better! I’d save my money and get the better version.

  2. I think you’re doing the right thing. The idea of CGMS is much better than the actual product. I don’t think the technology is where we want or need it to be yet. Plus it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job without it!

  3. Ah man! I missed the party again?! Damn! I seriously need to log into IM more often.

    Confession time: I had BK for breakfast this morning. Totally did it because I KNEW you were going to post about it. 🙂

    Hard call on the CGM. I simply can’t afford it, so the decision is easy for me.

  4. Confession time:
    I had BK for lunch! 😀

  5. Oh man, I would have used some fancier words had I known it would end up here! LOL


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