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February 18, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 133
February 19, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 134

P.S. Disclaimer: there are many others available that are not box-worthy!

P.P.S. I am listening to a video of Rosie and Fran Drescher on Rosie’s blog and they are talking about how diet soda should be outlawed. “Drink a coke if you want a soda!” Guess neither one is diabetic, huh? 😉


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  1. Or neither one of them cares about gaining loads of weight either!

  2. Wow…very box-worthy numbers.

    I’m glad you had a good birthday and I do like PF Changs and oh, don’t get me started on sweet potato fries.

    Thanks for considering a country mix for me. I’d love it! I could reciprocate with one with some of my favorite songs, too! Let me know.

  3. Very nice. Meter, are you ready for your close-up?! 🙂

    As for Rosie, she’s an idiot. ‘Nuff said!

  4. Box worthy indeed!
    Rosie is obviously not well informed. I always explain it to people like this; there are almost 40 carbs in a Coke, that’s more than a whole meal carb wise for me. I’d much rather have actual food and a diet soda.

  5. Those two have to be insane. Real soda tastes icky & leaves a terrible after-taste. I wouldn’t drink it if I could. Give me a DIET COKE anyday! 🙂

  6. Okay. I’m back. I had a chance to watch that video (thank you Perez Hilton). What the heck?! Diet soda…pancreatic cancer…don’t drink it…it messes up insulin production. Since when is Fran a doctor? Oy! More mixed up information to add to the pot o’ misconceptions.

  7. LOL I had two 105 today. I almost posted that my machines must be broken!


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