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Yes. I live in the state that cannot have a fair election. Proceed with the jokes!

Voted today. We had the presidential primary and one amendment. We now all use touch screens – it really could not be any easier.

My candidate did not win. A cop was pulling people over who turned left across the double yellow to enter the polling location. I didn’t get a ticket – but I should have.


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  1. So you exercised your right to break the law? I am not sure I understand! LOL

  2. George – kinda like you exercised your right not to answer my e-mail?! 😉

    I guess I didn’t quite describe it as best as I could have – so much for brevity. The polling place was on the left side of the road. I was on the right. Rather than going up to the next light (at least a mile down the road), I made a left turn across a double yellow line. I saw the cop giving a ticket to someone in the parking lot as I was pulling in, and writing a ticket to another driver after I finished voting.

    It just struck me as wrong that a cop could be sitting at a polling location “shooting ducks in a pond” to meet his ticket quota.

  3. looks like its all about the Quota and not keeping the peace.

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