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Me too!

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So one of my nicknames as a kid was practically “me too, me too!” Hey, sometimes it’s hard being the youngest – and it isn’t fair when your brother gets something and you don’t, right?

The family at Thanksgiving 2007

Well, everyone else is doing this meme so I want to do it too! Me too! Me too!

The rules are easy. Comment with one word to describe me.

It is a perfect opportunity for those lurkers to come out of the darkness. Come on mom! My friends won’t bite!

mom, me, happy brother


11 responses

  1. Faithful.

  2. Conservative.

    (I’m going to explain this just because I feel you might be offended by it. I mean this only in the way that you are very very different from most people I know, and I can tell that your faith and views are very important to you.)

  3. Going to go with Scott here – smiley!

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