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The Story of My Foolishness

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I was getting dinner ready over the weekend and needed a tupperware container out of one of my cupboards.

It all went by so fast, but I think that as I opened the cupboard I could see one of the pieces flying towards me. I tried to close the cupboard with one hand and catch the piece with the other hand all at the same time.

The piece went crashing to the floor and my palm went crashing into the corner of the cupboard.


There was an immediate welt by my thumb and a little swelling. It is still very sore and don’t touch it!! I keep alternating between resting it and trying to use it to make it feel better. It doesn’t!!

I feel like a fool and my hand really hurts!!

I tried to pull my lancet back to test my blood sugar with that hand and it was too much!!

Why is it that I poke my hand 8+ times a day with the sole intent of drawing blood and don’t even wince – but this brings out my grimace?


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  1. It is like when I go to the doctors and have to get a shot. I freak out! Lame huh?

    You hand has to get better for the next time we play Who What Where. You need your drawing skills!

  2. Thankfully, Grimace will bring you a nice milkshake too soothe your aching hand.

    I couldn’t help but LOL at your grimace link, though. Poor girl. 😦 I hope you heal quickly!!

  3. Oh gosh Sara, even reading that the second time it still sounds so painful.

  4. Oww indeed. That sounds really painful.

    Hope you’re soon on the mend.

  5. Ouch! Hope it gets better soon.

    BTW, I’m with George – I hate when someone else give me a shot!

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  7. 😦 Awwww! That’s sad. I hope you’re feeling better now. I get freaked out when something happens to my hands… they’re much more useful than a lot of other body parts…

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