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Happy New Year – here’s your antibiotic

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January 2, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 86

Happy New Year – let’s celebrate with an ear infection!!

No, you don’t want to join me? Fine then. Beth, Amylia, Rachel and I will be sick together! 😉

I was ‘that kid’, the one who had an ear infection once a month for 12 years, or maybe it just felt like it.

Anyway, all that to say, it would be hard for me to misdiagnose an ear infection so I was pretty sure I had one. Oh, and my blood sugar was running higher than normal – enough to earn a 115% temp basal rate.

Not to mention the fact that my ears permanently feel underwater. Yawn – pop – fill – yawn – pop – fill – swallow – pop – fill – lather – rinse – repeat.


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  1. Me too! I had ear infections, tubes, and an ear surgery every year till I was 12. Starting at age 1! Sorry to hear about the infection 😦

    It’s not just us, we have good company. Rachel at Tales of my 30s and Amylia at Amazing Grace are sharing in the sicky fun.

  2. Ah yes, my first one (recorded in my baby book for posterity) was at 6 weeks. Two sets of tubes that produced scar tissue the doctors feel they need to mention everytime they look. And a modified celiac diet to help get rid of the dark circles under my eyes – not sure why but it worked.

    The allergist said I don’t get them anymore (and instead get sinus infection) because your ears move up proportionally on your head as you get older so you drain differently 😐

    Oh, and I updated the sicky list in the original post.

  3. Did you ever use those earplugs that were like cotton in wax, the moldable kind, for swimming? I HATED those!! And did you get the bloody ear infections? My 3rd grade teacher once nearly sent me to the ER when my ear started bleeding in class! Ah, good times.

    Hope you feel better. I haven’t had an ear infection in a while… a few years. The last one, the urgent care doc wouldn’t listed to me about there still being a small hole in one eardrum, and he squirted all kinds of hot salt water into that ear. Thanks. Then he felt bad because it obviously hurt me and prescribed 30 horsepills of darvocet as an apology…. did I go back to that particular medical institution? No.

    Sending healthy ear thoughts!

  4. I was getting wary of my ears at one point on Sunday, though they’ve cleared up. (No ear infections since I was 7, but I definitely went through MANY before then.)

    It’s chest congestion for me! Finally the coughs are becoming productive today, so hopefully I’ll reach my goal of feeling better by the end of the week.

  5. Wow, me too – since I was a baby – never outgrew them though. Tubes, surgery (repair eardrum that fell apart from scar tissue – which promptly fell apart again). I was on antibiotics so often I eventually became allergic to everything but erithromycin family… I still get at least 4 ear infections a year… most clear up on their own; last one took 8 weeks on powerful antibiotics (ugh). I kind of suspect when I stopped giving my immune system new drugs to pick on it got ticked off and went for my pancreas….

    Be well.

  6. trailertalkpodcast

    I was always getting ear infections! AND I am so sick today. I wonder if I gave you a cold for Christmas?!! 😦

  7. Ouch! I hate that Yawn – pop – fill – yawn – pop – fill – swallow – pop etc feeling. I had ear infections a lot when I was a little kid. They didn’t do tubes back then. So I lost a little hearing in my left ear because of all the infections. Ears can be such a pain. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  8. Okay… I put this comment on the wrong posting! Oops! LOL

    Don’t you love it when you’re doing that yawn-pop-yawn thing in public and suddenly you notice that people are watching you do these weird jaw & neck movements because they have no idea that you are trying to clear your ears? 🙂

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