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January: I went to the eye doctor yesterday.

February: This morning my Dexcom sensor refused to record any BG values despite numerous restarts.

March: Suddenly I am accosted by one of the worst smells that I have ever experienced.

April: “Excuse me?” said the elderly voice behind me. “Is that a microphone you’re wearing?”

May: If I was in trouble, I am not sure that this would be the crowd I would like to see!

June: We had a minor celebrity come into the office today.

July: but more on that later!

August: I have the keys to my new apartment!

September: You answer the knock at your door and are greeted by two students ‘mooning’ you.

October: I just knew celebrities got special treatment – I mean they are even hiding a diabetes cure from the rest of us!

November: During this Thanksgiving season, I though I would tell the story of how I was diagnosed.

December: A tray of cheesecake that was never touched: $14.24

Happy New Year!

The photo is from exactly a year ago – but it was too cute not to include.

3 responses

  1. Happy New Year, Sara! Love the picture!

  2. Sara

    Great picture! Best wishes for 2008!

  3. trailertalkpodcast

    Happy New Year Sara. Thanks for being my irl friend! 🙂

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