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I’m glad you all enjoyed the Christmas card outtake!

I might incorporate it into the card now, since Walmart has some cards this year where you can input more than one shot.

Here are the current favorites:

Pose 1:

Christmas card pose 1

Pose 2:

Christmas card pose 2

Pose 3:

Christmas card pose 3

Please place your votes!


9 responses

  1. pose 2!!
    haha. i especially love how angry and regal (at the same time) the one on the left looks. and how the one on the right is like bahhh (or in lolcats language, “I shall not tolerate this rubbish. goodday sir…)

  2. I agree that in pose 2 the one on the left looks like its about to throw a hissy-fit.
    My vote is for #3

  3. Sara,
    I like pose #1 because you can see everyone’s face clearly. Even though the cats don’t look exactly thrilled, at least you can see them well. Oh, and I’m sure they were just acting like they didn’t like their holiday attire. I’m sure they loved it! LOL!

  4. #1 is good for seeing faces.

    #2 is good because the cats aren’t as pissy.

    But I still say the outtake is the best one. Really. I would send it myself.

  5. bad decision maker – that is totally their personalities. Not just when they have outfits on!

  6. First of all, I’m glad you like the Mary Tyler Moore badge 🙂 Congrats on making it all the way through!

    As for the cards I have to say #2 is my favorite too! But I have some additional suggestions. I like your smile in picture #3, so I think two good possibilities would be:

    – Crop your face and some of the tree lights in #3, enlarge it and use it on the front of the card with the words “Merry Christmas from me…” and then have #2 on the inside and add “and the cats.”


    – Put the cats on the front of the card and put a smaller square of just your face from #3 on the inside of the card somewhere, like in the lower corner or even centered above your greeting.

    Way more input than you wanted huh? 😉

    I also read through your diabetes story. I’m glad you survived their “expert care.”

    Congrats again on NaBloPoMo!

  7. My vote is pose #3 and then #1.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  8. I love the one of the two cats, especially how damn angry that gray one looks. He’s about to crap on your Christmas tree. 😉

    For your card, I like the third one. Big Gray Cat’s drapey arms made me laugh, and your smile is gorgeous.

  9. Oh my god, that second shot is hysterical. I would totally use that one and put something really snarky under it because, well, that’s how I am. 😀 They both look as though they’re saying “Yeah, Merry Effin’ Christmas to you, too. Jerk.”

    You look great in the third shot. The cats just look sort of resigned to their fate. Heh.

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