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In the absence of creativity, an update

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My presentation went well today. I started out with a few videos, because – come on – who doesn’t like videos.

The first about diabetes technology (the professors had already briefed them about the types, etc)

Since they are training to be athletic trainers I then showed a few about athletes.

The first one about Ron Santos – who used to play for the Chicago Cubs.

Then ‘my favorite’ – the Gary Hall, Jr. interview with Mother Love. I even told the students about my crush 😉

The Gary video led nicely into talking about what happens to the body during the stress of exercise (he talks about how high his bg gets after a 21 second race).

The professor also wanted me to talk about identifying problems so I gave them some symptoms and what to do. How even if the person says they don’t want to test – make them – because their brain is not working.

It was a pretty decent presentation – but no one asked questions at the end which annoys me. The other thing that annoyed me was that they didn’t get any of my pop culture references. I felt old!!! (which is pretty odd at 26 – right?!)

I won’t even talk about how the professor asked them if they knew the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 at the beginning of the presentation and the results were AWFUL! Things like Type 1 is the mild kind when you just need pills and stuff and Type 2 is when it starts affecting your organs. It is a GOOD THING I was there!

Have a good night all. I’m off to think of something creative for tomorrow’s final post…


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  1. i think it’s really cool you did what seems to be an interesting and thorough presentation. it doesn’t surprise me about the kids not asking questions and not getting your pop culture references. when i started teaching high school i was 24 and the kids made me feel so flippin’ old! i’m glad you were able to do some training and educating, esp. about type 1 vs. 2 and some of the difficulties we have when exercising.

    you rock!!

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