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Where this all started – part 4 – the end

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Where we last left off – my primary doc had almost killed me and the hospital doc had decided I was definitely Type 1 and should start MDI. 

The doctors and nurses didn’t really give me an option to be nervous about taking shots. Handed me the syringe and off I went! Mildly annoying though when they kept bringing me my meals but forgetting to bring me any insulin!!

I was on the diabetic floor so there were a lot of old people around dealing with some pretty serious complications. My first roommate was really great though. A pumper too. From what I remember, she had the flu or a cold or something and just could not get ahead of her numbers. I was sleeping most of the time but we had some good conversations.

My second roommate made me want to leave the hospital as fast as I could. I had the bed by the window so she obviously took the one by the door when she came in. And she wanted her privacy so the curtain was drawn the WHOLE time. Talk about claustrophobic! And the only show she watched (and seemed to be able to find on any channel) – COPS!

She also had spinal bifida and was having some issues with some of her dressings. Man, the nurses could not do anything right to help her with them. It was nothing but whining, complaining, and yelling at the nurses the whole time she was there.

Thankfully (?) the hospital was about 5 minutes from my college so I had a ton of friends who came to visit and brought me lots of fun gifts to keep me entertained. Despite that, on the morning of day four I started crying and I just could not stop. I can’t remember the reason – and honestly I don’t actually think there was one. I just wanted out of there. I think the staff understood because I was on my way home that afternoon.


Well, that is the story of how I was diagnosed with diabetes! Not as crazy as some, but I think it has some ‘interesting’ twists and turns of its own.

If you have made it this far congrats and I hope you enjoyed it!

 P.S. The next weekend I had a scheduled trip to Vegas with some of my friends for my birthday. After much convincing and cajoling of my mother, I went as planned. I had one crazy low at the end of our trip but otherwise it was great – I mean other than the fact that I still look like a skeleton in clothes that don’t fit (see below).

out of hospital

Who’d let a little diabetes spoil their first trip to Vegas? Not me?


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  1. phew!

    interesting journey to d–thanks for sharing.
    you look pretty good in the picture, considering all you’d been to. i think it’s good you went to vegas and didn’t let diabetes take that away from you! looks like your friends were happy, too!

  2. thank you sara for your story. i’ve been following each interesting part. fab that you didn’t let diabetes take you away from enjoying your life and you went off to vegas with your friends.

  3. Sara,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It was quite a trip. Boy, that one roommate you had was something else, huh? I’m sure you were glad to get outta there. I’m also glad you were able to go to Vegas with your friends.

  4. woah, that was some story you have there. it’s always very helpful for me to read about how people first get DX.

  5. Holy journey! I am always curious to read other people’s diagnosis stories, as I barely remember my own.

  6. Whoa what a story. I think it can compete with my own diagnosis drama.

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