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Kerri and Bernard have inspired me:

Using WordPress I can only go back 7 days to see how people got here, but let’s see what we have (just the highlights):

  • iphone camera [yup, I know, you guys can’t get enough of George and I]
  • Evidence that I watch and blog about too much TV:
    • girlfriends upn no promotion
    • ross the intern birthday kareoke (sic) – [embarrassing amount of multiple related searches actually]
    • so much cooler online cameos [Seriously, GARY HALL JR !]
    • dwayne wayne glasses
  • freestyle navigator problem [this one confuses me, I don’t use the freestyle or the navigator]
  • DME Cap [I know – they totally suck!]
  • insurance coverage paradigm cgms 2007 [good luck!]
  • Diabetes blog [sometimes]
  • Bad diabetic [sometimes too 😉 ]
  • can insulin pump go thru xray machine? [I’m sorry – when I read that question, I picture a person on the conveyor belt actually going through the x-ray machine at the airport]
  • married can’t afford no ring [I hope they were looking for the Dixie Chicks song and not advice]

And my personal fav:

  • wonderful seen of sum rise [excuse me – do you need a Kleenex? Read it aloud for the greatest effect]

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