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Sometimes They Get It Right

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You know how everyone has their favorite morning show?

Mine is Good Morning America and it totally paid off this morning. Their resident doctor is Dr. Tim Johnson. I just love him, he always seems so practical and so knowledgable.

Well, this morning they are advertising how he will be telling his personal diabetes story. They even mentioned it is Diabetes Awareness Month.

So it turns out Dr. Tim’s wife is a LADA. She showed her pump on air and explained how it worked. It was either a MiniMed 515 or a 522 by the looks of the screen.

She tested her blood sugar on the air with a One Touch meter. It was 308 – I’m guessing she is not as comfortable being on air as her husband and the stress shot her up as a result.

Dr. Tim mentioned briefly that the hopes for a cure are really far off, but that the work on closed loop system are pretty exciting to him

It was a great segment! Thumbs up for ABC!

I tried to embed the video, but my computer won’t let me. You can watch the video of the segment here!

One thing that I forgot to mention is that Diane Sawyer starts by describing the two types! WOW! and even says that Type 1 is not always juvenile! Shocking!

Oh, and I know Jillian beat me to this topic – but I was so excited I had to post it anyway! Yes, the website may have some issues, but Dr. Tim and Diana Sawyer got it right!


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  1. That is by far the best news story i have seen for depicting the two types and explaining type 1. I am happy to have seen that i will spread that one around.
    It seems like the accurate information that is needed to get out there is so far and few between. I wait with bated breath everytime i see or hear a story about diabetes, and i am very very quick to judge too.

  2. ABC, (minus their website Diabetes section) has been pretty good with their “The Fight Against Diabetes” segments. They did another spot like this on World News Tonight a few days ago. About the study for the pill that prevents/delays type 1. They showed a family that had 8 kids and 3 of those 8 were Type 1’s.

  3. That was a great segment, thanks for the link.
    I like that they showed her bg at 308, too. It’s the human side…stress, we’re not perfect, all ther rest.

    Very good.

  4. Very cool, and I agree with Amylia about the 308.

  5. I was oddly impressed with the 308 too. First the fact that they actually showed her testing, and second that they didn’t edit it out when the results were ‘bad’.

  6. Me too. I liked that she told us that it was that high. They could have easily cut that piece out.

    Do you think she sucks her finger? I noticed that part was cut out. And I didn’t see any use of an alcohol swab. 🙂

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