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Pardon my slacking, I have no time to write tonight. Here is a picture I took from the sky over Altanta yesterday. (P.S. Bernard – I’m holding it). Click on the picture if you want to know what Bernard asked 😉 .

November 14, 2007 - diabetes365 - day 37

Conference is going pretty well except that everyone thinks I am texting when I am actually bolusing – ah well!


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  1. I hate that!!!!! I get out my meter in choir or something, and I’m sure everyone thinks I’m the rude girl using her palm while she should be paying attention… but what’s the alternative? Tell every person you’re diabetic?

    Really, that’s absolutely one of my least favorite parts of diabetes. I hate it when people think I’m being rude 😦

  2. Sara I loved the interview with Dr. Tim and his wife. It was like hey that’s a MiniMed pump, it made me excited even though I have a Cozmo. Stress was definitely the reason for that 308.
    It is just sad that the same website can provide such polar awareness levels of the types of diabetes. I am tired of it too, but I’ll keep complaining until someone hears me.

  3. What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing.

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