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Why I hate diabetes… today!

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Last night I got up every two hours to test my basal settings. They are crap. I have been waking up in the 50s for weeks now. Last night I dropped 95 freaking points!

Today I was low ALL DAY LONG! And I had appointments back-to-back on my calendar. I ate lunch at my desk and worked straight through. This is so I can go out of town for a conference on Wednesday.

Yes, I will be on a plane for most of World Diabetes Day! I am going to miss EVERYTHING!

So I am talking to a student during this low and I know that half the stuff that is coming out of my mouth is ridiculous! I feel fuzzy and even the tip of my tongue is falling asleep. What the heck am I supposed to do? Kick her out of my office while I treat my low? I am already behind schedule because of other people’s errors and it would have made it even worse. Then I am supposed to trapse across campus to go to a meeting. Great – 54 – this walk should be really easy!

Come home to check on my favorite blogs and I read a post like this and it makes me even more mad! I hate this disease!

Ok, I am off to Walgreens to take advantage of the two for one sale on OneTouch Minis. Maybe a pretty meter will make me feel better!


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  1. Ahh…I feel ya. Diabetes sucks, it does, it does. Hope the mini made you feel a little better. What color(s) did you get? 🙂

  2. Check out my 365 pic for the answer – it wasn’t really my choice – it was the only color they had – but I still like it.

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