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My Diabetes Crush

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Man, this guy makes my blood sugar rise just by looking at him. Whew!

Ok, now I’m embarrassed!


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  1. Are you serious? Wow. I find him kind of strange. I’d have go with the adorable Nick Jonas or Top Chef Sam Talbot, who just won JDRF 30,000 dollars just because of his hotness (that is not a word).

  2. Have you ever seen him in a Speedo?! 😉

  3. Okay, yeah I get it now.

  4. You guys are too, too funny!

  5. he used to be an ass. i’ve met him a couple of times, as my daughter was a big swimmer. then he got diabetes and became a totally different person. btw, he is pretty gorgeous in real life. and yes, i’ve seen him in his speedo up close and personal.

  6. Nothing like a chronic disease to knock you off your block – pun intended! 😉

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