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Just call me Susan Lucci

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Me and Susan Lucci

I hate this picture of me but I needed to use for this post!

I’m Susan Lucci at work. Remember that commercial she made before she won her Emmy. “11 years without an Emmy! What does a girl have to do around here to get an Emmy?” That’s me! (looked for the video everywhere – couldn’t find it)

We have these monthly staff meetings where awards are passed out. They are given for such things as thinking outside the box, ‘sticking your neck out’, being flexible, and co-programming with other departments. There are specific characters that go with each of these awards, so you actually have them in your office the month you have the award (a giraffe for being flexible for example).

I do these things all the time! My coworkers know I do these things all the time! My supervisor knows I do these things all the time! The only person who doesn’t seem to realize this it our ‘big boss’, who is the one passing out the awards. It really pisses me off. I know it shouldn’t, but it does! Do I do my work only to be recognized? No…. but kinda yes!

It has gotten so bad that I even e-mailed the boss after my last programming success and told her what a success it was. I thought for sure it would work this staff meeting but again I went back to my office empty handed while the same old people left with their awards. And they don’t even care! Sometimes they seem annoyed to have won them again. It really makes me mad. Like I might as well stop what I am doing since it doesn’t matter anyway!

I can even tell you the last time I got one – December 2006.

11 staff meetings without an award! What does a girl have to do around here to get an award!


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  1. somehow i missed this post. hah–love the photo, but i hate that you’re not being recognized at work for a job well done. sometimes, when we’re too good at our job people just assume that’s the norm and don’t single us out for our fabulousness! 🙂

    Sofa King unfair! Hope you get an award soon, or kick some upper mangagement arse!

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