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The Best of Plans…

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I had some great ideas for some posts (including how Apidra is going for those who asked) … until…

  • I spent all weekend cleaning my apartment for a baby shower on Sunday. Since it was in my apartment I wasn’t supposed to have to do anything but have my apartment ready and plan the games.
  • Everyone else helping plan it was supposed to show up an hour early to get everything set up.
  • The earliest anyone showed up to help was 15 minutes early.
  • One of them was very distraught that we did not have enough ice. So I ran to the store to buy ice, missing the guest of honor arriving. Guess what I have in my freezer. Yup, the two unused bags of ice I ‘had’ to buy.
  • There was supposed to be another pregnant woman at the shower. Baby ‘was’ due on Thanksgiving. Yes ‘was’ – she had her on Saturday. She called us on speakerphone from the hospital.
  • I left my apartment half cleaned up after the party to go visit the baby in the hospital.
  • The baby is perfect and healthy. And was without a carseat, diapers, pack-n-play, enough receiving blankets, small enough outfits, a doctor. You know, all the things they were going to do in their last month of pregnancy.
  • The came home from the hospital today and when I volunteered to bring them dinner, I didn’t realize I would be first on the list.
  • When I volunteered to get them something from the store, I didn’t realize they would take me up on my offer and I would head back out to buy tiny diapers (seriously, when she left the hospital she weighed 5 lbs 12 oz).
  • I am still working to clean up my kitchen from the party and now I have added a crockpot that demands attention.
  • I am two weeks behind on grading for the two classes I teach.
  • I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open and I am living on a Diet Pepsi IV drip.
  • I realized that I should stop writing about what I need to do, and just do it, or go to sleep… zzz…zzz

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