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Did the cool lime or pink UltraMini meters strike your fancy? Then I found the perfect website for you.

Stick Me Designs has just launched and has the cutest (and manly demin for the gentlemen) cases to store your meter in. There are plenty of elastic bands, pockets, and zippers for all your needs.

Check it out!


4 responses

  1. Manly cases? I am all about that!!!!

  2. Thanks for the blog write-up. And George there are more ‘manly’ designs to come, trust me my hubby wom’t let me forget about the gentlemen out there who don’t always go for the black nylong bags either :~) Join our Stick Me Designs Sentinel and be notified of upcoming designs…

  3. I totally want the pink sherbert one. But $35? Eh…

  4. How many times a day do you get your case out? Divide $35 by how many times in a month you use it and the smile on your face/mood it will put you in when you see it.

    Worth it to me! 😉

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