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750 units

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  1. Hahahahahaha! So, how many carbs is that?

  2. There are supposed to be 300 cupcakes on the table. I estimated each cupcake to be 30 carbs (especially with the buttercream frosting – yum!).
    9000 carb / 12 carbs per unit = 750 units

    However, I only had one splendidly delicious chocolate one. 😉

  3. OH my gosh. That’s a scary title! I was trying to imagine the situation in which 750 units would be useful… glad it was only in theory.

    And…. Yum!

  4. 750 units, and perhaps 750,000 calories!! Just the thought makes me nauseous!!

  5. Love the photograph:-) it makes me hungry(but not that hungry!)

  6. That’s a great picture.

    Are the photos around the tables even more caloric? They look like some other type of cupcake.

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