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Me and Ross the Intern

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Okay, so me and Ross the Intern (from the Tonight Show) have very little in common – well, except the fact that we both like boys!

But anyway, I have this addiction to reading is blog. It is one of the funniest non-D related blogs I read. He just had a birthday party and he had a kareoke party – which he had been talking about and plotting which song he was going to sing for ages.

This is the funniest part – it is the same song my friends and I would sing together when I was little. We would actually have a competition and judge each other for who was best at it. So corny but so much FUN! The next time I do kareoke I am going to HAVE to do that song! And I can tell you – I will sound a lot like Ross!

I tried to embed it – but wordpress won’t let you embed flash, so please, please, please click on the link above!


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