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Saturday is the day!

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I moved a few boxes into my new apartment yesterday and today. Put them in the closet in the guest bedroom until I figure out where everything will go.

Since most of my colleagues/friends who would/will help me move have to work that day, the official heavy lifting is going to start at 6 pm. Are we crazy?

Oh, and I called U-Haul this afternoon to reserve a truck and they put me on hold for 8 minutes, at which time I hung up and called Budget. Grr… 

Also, I don’t quite have a stove, fridge, or blinds in any of the windows right now. Hmm… food… insulin…

This is starting to get good…

loaded and ready…


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  1. From past experience, beach towels and thumb tacks will cover windows very nicely until you can get blinds or whatever. Enjoy the move!

  2. This is so exciting! When is the house warming party?

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