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I have the keys

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I have the keys to my new apartment! I first found out I was moving in May, so this was a long time coming! I checked out the apartment today and there is fresh carpet and paint. And not just new white walls, they actual put some creative colors in there – that I LIKE! I will probably only have to repaint one room (it is almost a neon green right now). I will try to get some pictures ASAP. I will move in some boxes over the next few days and try to get some help with the big stuff this weekend. It is currently lacking a stove and fridge (oops!) but that should be fixed before I move in there full time (It also doesn’t have a micorwave, but I am pretty sure that is my responsibility). Did I mention I am pretty much doubling my square footage? I am totally stoked!

The girl who will be taking care of the cats says we are good to go. We still have not completely narrowed down the transition date, but she seemed actually excited at the prospect of me coming over to visit ‘the girls’ when I drop off food and litter. Says it will be ‘cool’ to hang out with me. Since I work with an age group that is not all that much younger than me, it is still odd for me to hear comments like that. But… so far so good with kitty foster care! 


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  1. I’m very glad you found someone to foster the kitties. That’s got to be a relief.

    The new place sounds cool 🙂

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