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How Do I Explain?

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How do you explain to your IRL friends about your virtual friends?

For example, I was trying to tell my boss about Manny, founder of tudiabetes, who works at school we both are familiar with since we are also in the education field. I mentioned it in sort of a public setting and all those in hearing distance started chuckling at the first mention of the internet.

When I was in Minnesota recently for a conference, I met up with a great group of virtual buddies. Laughed like I hadn’t in a long time – but stumbled in my explanations when I got back. They just didn’t get it. Same goes for my meeting with G-Money.

What gives? Am I doing it wrong or do people just not get it?


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  1. I totally hear you. I am always talking about my good friends and most of them I have never met! I think people are just not cool enough to get it.

    We rock by the way!!!! 🙂


  2. Ditto, I hear ya on that one. I try to explain about my “blog” friends and people look at me like I am nuts.

    We need to figure out a good name for all of us, I’m tired saying “my blog friends!”


  3. I have been meeting friends from the Internet since I was 13 years old, so I think most of my IRL friends are just used to it. I also never refer to my internet friends as “Internet friends” or “blog friends” or anything like that. If anyone ever asked me if I knew someone in Florida, I would say, “Yes, my friend Sarah does.” And if someone asks me how we met, then I would explain, “Well, we both have blogs so I know her from that.” I don’t really make a big deal that you aren’t someone I’ve actually met, and I think in the 21st century, more and more people are getting used to “meeting” people from the Internet. I think older people don’t really understand it, but that’s more their issue than anything. It’s nothing to be ashamed of!

  4. I think that others just don’t get it unless they have a similar experience.

  5. My mum calls my online friends my ‘imaginary friends’.

  6. Heh, it’s not as bad as telling people that my husband and I live with someone we met on the internet. Apparently even though we’ve now known each other nine years, the fact that we met on the internet originally means he’s secretly an axe murderer.

    Generally I don’t mention that people are internet friends unless pressed because it’s too much hassle to have the axe murderer talk. I have met the majority of my internet friends, though, at least once. So far I haven’t made friends with any axe murderers because I stay clear of leery people.

  7. People don’t get it. BUT, I think it’s the people who are older who don’t get it.

    People in their 30’s and under are more tolerant and understanding of “internet friends”. I think in the next 10 yrs, having internet relationships will be seen in a much more tolerant light.

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