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Saw No Reservations yesterday. It was pretty good. I generally dislike romantic comedies for their predictability, but this was a very enjoyable exception. That is apart from the group behind my friend and I who would not stop talking and Blackberry guy in front of me who would not stop playing with his phone. Funny thing, was that before the movie started he had been yelling at his daughter to put her phone away. Way to lead by example dude! I was further disgusted when I saw him leave with his family after and got a closer look at his younger daughter. She was young enough that – being tired – he carried her out of the theater, but apparently old enough that her face was COVERED in make-up. Thicker eye liner than I have ever worn! What’s so wrong with letting your kid be young anymore?!?!

Also, I probably won’t see the movie and am probably the last one to do this, but here ya go:

Simpsonized Sara


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