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In The Oddest Locations

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Today was one of those days. You know, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. One of those days when everyone tells you everything will work out, but you are not so sure.

I finally finished my day and work and headed off to the gym. Not so much even because I wanted to work out anymore, but because I had not bolused for a snack earlier in anticipation of the workout, and exercising was actually easier than a correction.

Did I mention I hate water? Seriously, I should buy stock in Crystal Light. My new favorite flavor? Strawberry-Orange-Banana. But that is beside the point…

I usually fill my water bottle before I leave work – which is where I store my Crystal Light packets. But since I was one of the last to leave work, the break room was already locked up. No water – no problem, I will fill it at the gym. Once my car is parked (did I mention it was pouring?), I realize that no water means I also forgot a packet.

I begin to dig through my gym bag, my work bag, and my lunch bag, desperate for a spare. Nothing in the school bag, nothing in the gym bag. On to the lunch bag…

Side note: the lunch bag I use is from DisneyWorld. It is one of those square, canvas, insulated totes. I was given it when I helped out at a conference there last summer. It has a main pouch and then small pockets on the outside.

Obviously, nothing in the main pocket – I would have seen it earlier. I stick my hand into the small outer pockets – and I feel something hard and plastic. Not what I was looking for, but what could it be?

I look inside, and I could not believe what I found!

I have absolutely, positively no idea how it got there! I DO NOT have spare clips! There is no way that I could considering that is the one thing I continuously have to replace. When I saw the clip, I actually looked down at my workout pants to make sure my pump was still attached – it is that bad! I catch my pump on everything and snap the clip right off!

What in the world is going on? Is there a diabetes fairy?

The only thing I can think of… and it is a long shot… is that one of the organizers of the conference I was helping at when I got the lunch bag was also a pumper. I know that because I forgot to pack infusion sets (shame! I know!) and he helped me out. Think he put a clip in my thank you gift and it took me a year to notice?! 


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  1. I firmly believe there is a Diabetes Fairy. Maybe not the same person every time, but they do exist. They’re the ones who are leaving pump clips in the most strategic of locations. They’re also the ones who send Dexcoms in the mail (man, I love my Diabetes Fairy) and who have juice boxes at the most opportune times.

    I’m not sure if they have wings. If they do, they’re most likely made of spun sugar so we can munch on them during a low. 😉

  2. Ohhhh that is one of my favorite flips! Congrats on the find!

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