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Cats and Cardio

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Remember how I mentioned my mom got a super cute new cat that was also a little bit crazy? Well, now the cat has likely made her break her toe!! How did it happen? Think Paula Abdul minus the whole addiction part! 😛

Toby hiding

The gym I went to was having some super-special promotion when I went there last night. They were passing out some free food samples – ironic no? They were also offering free body fat analysis. I had them measure me. A bit (ok, a lot) disturbed by the results. Way higher than I thought!! I have heard that the pinch tests are not a very reliable measure, so I am willing to attribute part of it to that. Today, I had them measure me with the electrode impulse version and it was over 3% lower, which put me into a whole other category. Who knows!

I have been stuck in my weight loss lately (1/2 way to my goal but stuck there), so with the new information added I was motivated enough to sign up for a free session with one of the trainers. It was a good session, but we spent half the time in a room that you don’t have access to unless you are working out with the trainer. Not much help there! She did help me become at lot more organized with my time on the weight and resistance machines. My cardio routine is pretty good, but I always felt like I was just making stuff up when I went to the machines. Let’s see if this gets me over the weight loss hump and all the way to my goal!


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  1. That is one cute kitty!

    Good luck with the weight loss. I feel like my scales have been stuck at the same point for months now (even edging back in the wrong direction). It’s quite disheartening.

  2. aww I love cardio! I mean, Kitties! What a cutie.

    Good luck with getting to your goal! Keep pluggin along!

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