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How Long Will It Take?

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Well, the mailroom opened at 10, and I was able to track down my book.

What kills me is that I could have purchased it multiple times this weekend. Even last night when I was grocery shopping, the store had several copies.

I am stubborn and cheap. I wanted to wait for the book I already purchased!!

So, now the question is, how long will it take me to finish it. I get off work at 5:30, I plan on going to the gym (but ride the exercise bike instead of the elliptical so I can read of course), but other than that it will be straight reading. How late will I have to stay up?  



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  1. I read it from about 10PM to 1AM, then 9AM to3:30 PM. I read fast.

    I had double vision by the time I finished 😉

  2. I read like mad for two days. It takes me a while, I am a slow reader.

  3. I finished it this week and what a relief it was. The pace of the book was intense. I was losing sleep. It was such a relief to have it over.

    Though I think I’m going to read the last few chapters again to see if I missed much.

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