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Where Is My Book?!?!

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I am trying hard to be patient and not get annoyed, but where the heck is my Harry Potter book?

I pre-ordered it a month ago online through Amazon so that I could guarantee to have it on the release day. I am moving this summer, so I had it shipped to work. I just got back home from sitting in an empty office from 9 to noon waiting for the delivery. No book!

I double check the tracking – it is In Transit. I call UPS, they say it will arrive by 6 PM through the USPS. I asked if they can be a little more specific. Nope!

Let me tell you, I will be pissed if it doesn’t show!


Okay! I am pissed! As much as I love Harry Potter (and believe me I DO!) I could not sit in an empty office for 6 more hours. The rest of the story so far –

There was a carton from the USPS sitting in front of the mailroom the whole time I was there. Even with someone else’s Amazon shipment with a Muggle sticker on it. I thought better about breaking the law though.

Had some friends that live closer check out the mailroom at six. Not only is the original carton gone, but there is nothing new there.

Thinking of calling security to see if they would let me into the mailroom to check for it, but a little embarassed if they ask why.

What would you do?


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  1. I have to assume that the book arrived and you’re so busy reading that you haven’t had time to update your post to let us know that you got it.
    Mine’s here – just opened the box a few minutes ago, and no, I won’t be staying up all night to read it. I’m too old to do that stuff any more.

  2. I hope you are reading. I am done. I want to read it again! AWESOME!

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