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He Almost Made Me Shoplift!

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…but more on that later!


I had the big meet-up with George today! It was awesome – we hung out for like 4 hours!  Since I can’t possibly summarize four hours I will just give you the highlights.


The restaurant was not too full so we were served pretty quickly – which was good considering we polished off about a dozen Diet Cokes between the two of us! The e-mails sent back and forth to set up our meeting included several references to mozzarella sticks. When they arrived, we both got out our camera phones to take a picture and… had the exact same phone… including pictures of our pets as the wallpaper. Corny but cute 😀

cheese sticks and cell phones


G-Money and I share a passion for Diet Coke and telling stories with lots of emotion. He was right in the middle of a story about being served regular Coke instead of Diet Coke when all of a sudden he made a large sweeping motion with his hands and suddenly the cheese sticks were ruined.

don’t mess with G-Money

Lesson learned: don’t anger a ninja!


After lunch, we headed over to the Apple store to check out the new iPhone. It is pretty cool but totally unnecessary. We both checked out our blogs (me wishing I had a shorter URL). They look pretty good, even on the tiny screen. I had a few problems getting the view to shift from vertical to horizontal as easy as the commerical, but nothing a few quick shakes couldn’t fix. Following a picture of my index finger, George and I were able to take quite the stylin’ picture with the iPhone. Camera -> Phone -> Internet access -> “hey I wonder if we can e-mail this to ourselves =

horrible pic - only posted ’cause it’s from the iPhone


A few mall laps later, we headed to the food court to get some Diet Cokes. Seriously, I thought I drank a lot of soda. George really gave me a run for my money. But hey, if it is that or smoking, I think we all prefer soda!


Across from the food court is Borders. Possibly the most disorganized Borders I have ever seen. We tried to find the diabetes section, and the best we could do was the health section with some diabetes books mixed throughout. Even that was a mess!


We did have one find at Borders. I have always used the online version of Calorie King but George pointed out the book form. It is pretty small and inexpensive so I decided to pick one up. Then George wanted to show me a book supposedly called “I am a Dog” or something like that. I say ‘supposedly’ because he never did find it. I don’t totally blame him, seriously the store was a MESS!


For some reason, that made us think of those crazy glow worms that Kerri had. There is a candy store in the mall, so that became our next stop. I am about a foot away from the door and the metal detectors when I notice that the arm my purse is on feel a bit different. The book is still under my arm and I never paid. I yell to George, “Hey, you almost made me shoplift!” And a blog title was born!


We laughed our way over to the Sweet Factory. No luck on finding the Glow Worms but we were disturbed by the clothes kids are wearing these days!


Guess where we went after that? Yup, back to the food court for refills!!


On the way to the food court I learned something that makes G-Money even more awesome! He is close friends with some of the most amazing people! You heard right – we have friends IN COMMON!! One of my favorite professors from graduate school and his equally amazing wife are buddies with G-Money and his wife!! We are going to try to organize a big group meet-up next time I am in town and I CAN”T WAIT!!!


We took a few pictures outside the mall and headed our own ways. It was a great meeting!! G-Money is just as hilarious and considerate in person as he is online!


taken by a random stranger! :D


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  1. What an awesome meet up and what a crazy coincidence that you have mutual friends! What a small world (that’s an understatement).

    Thanks for the weblink. I’m off to see if I can finagle a free green machine.

  2. What a nice time for your two. I was waiting for the post and pics.
    It’s really a small world, isn’t it?

  3. Awesome!

    How funny would it have been if you walked through the security sensors and caused a big scene with your nearly shoplifted book!

    Then you could blame it all on the Ninja…

    I tell you though, if he would have knocked over MY diet coke, it might have not turned out so nice. HeeeYA!

  4. That was so much fun Sara! I told OUR friends about our meet up and they FLIPPED! I am forwarding your url to them so they can contact you.

    Thanks for not leaving after I spilled the soda. Dang, that was embarrassing!

  5. I am so excited about OUR friends too! Can’t wait for my next California trip!!!

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