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Hanging out at the Mall

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When I was in Minnesota in June I got to meet up with three OC’ers in a Panera at the local mall. Scott, Molly (and Dixie), Amber (and her sister), and I had a great time laughing and talking about diabetes – actually, mostly laughing about diabetes.

Well, now I am home in California visiting family I get to meet up with another one. One that lived 20 minutes away from me since long before I was diagnosed. Well – better late than never I guess! 😀

George and I are meeting up for lunch tomorrow at the mall so we can, as he says, “hang out like the cool kids”.

Anything you want me to ask G-Money? Now’s your chance!

P.S. I wanna know what makes him change from:

this guy



this guy



3 responses

  1. The Kool-Aid. That’s what makes him change.

  2. Oh God, I had so much fun with G-Money when I saw him in April. I’m very envious you get to hang out with him. Hope you kids have fun!

  3. That should be awesome. I told him that he needs to bring some batteries for your camera…

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