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Postcards from the Edge

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From the West Coast that is! This post took me FOREVER to put together, as my computer would not download the pictures and then just generally started freaking out. I lost count of how many ‘system restores’ it required.

Onward to the pictures! 

my favorite hams!

not intentionally height order :D


his OWN gum


Abby opens my present


serious eating at P.F. Chang

the joy of reading

the best way to deal with the 115 degree Vegas heat!

At this point, I spotted a beetle crawling across a pool noodle in the shallow end. I called Daniel over as the resident bug lover. He immediately picked it up and started to inspect it. It had HUGE front pinchers but that did not frighten him at all. Soon the rest of the family joined us outside to check out the beetle. At some point, my brother’s MIL suggested tying a string around it (I think it is from a movie or book) and the following video is what resulted. You can totally notice the personalities of my niece and nephews. The baby (20 months) just tottles around minding his own business. Dan (5) is totally intent at the task at hand. Abby (6), always the entertainer, takes a simple question and develops an entire monologue.


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  1. Aw, what beautiful family you have!

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