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Bad News… Good News

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Bad news: 6 AM flight

Good news: vacation

Bad news: 5 1/2 hours of flying

Good news: a 3 hour time change in my favor

Bad news: between California and Vegas the temperatures will be between 90 and 115

Good news: my suitcase is very light

Bad news: a three hour+ drive to Vegas

Good news: seeing my niece and nephews for the first time since Christmas

Abby and Dan


Really good news: meeting a ninja



5 responses

  1. HOORAY! I am sooooooo excited!

    I gotta lose some more weight before we meet! ; )

  2. Ah wow! That’s awesome! Say hi to g-dog for me!

  3. Oh, you are going to have SO much fun with Georgie boy.

  4. Awesome! Diabetes bloggers all over the place!! 🙂

  5. What a lucky duck. You get to meet the ninja.

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