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I Think I’d Rather Fly

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Thankfully, I have never experience an episode of hypoglycemia that I could not treat myself. I have never been in a situation where I was not at least somewhat in control of my actions (short of eating half a box of gift wrapped See’s candy not intended for me).

I pray my first experience is not on a train – especially not Amtrak. I hope they get a TON of bad publicity for this. Even if the man was drunk (which he was not) and not experiencing a low blood sugar episode, they should not have left him in the middle of a forest! 

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It has made me think a little more seriously about getting a medical alert bracelet. I just want one that is not completely ugly, one that I would not mind wearing every day, because otherwise – what is the purpose…


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  1. Hey! I finally found a medical alert bracelet I will wear! Essentially I bought the ID plate from, with shipping and stuff it’s closer to $30 for the tag. Then I had a friend make me a beaded “bracelet” for it with lobster clasps on each end that could be attached to the tag. That website sells some beaded bracelets too, but in my opinion, they’re a lot more expensive than I’m willing to pay. I like doing it this way, because it’s so easy to change the bracelet portion. I’ll try to put pictures up on my blog with the ones I have so far!

  2. What gets me is the survey. 6% say they did the right thing to kick him off the train. To be honest, even if he was drunk and disorderly, dumping anyone in the middle of nowhere isn’t right.

    Off to update my link to you!

  3. I used to feel the same way about wearing a medical ID. I remember putting one on whenever I had an appointment at the endo and he would tell me he knew I wasn’t wearing it regularly because it was too shiny. A couple of years ago, I had a great idea – a friend of mine makes jewelry and works at a bead studio, so I picked out beads and had her make several bracelets for me with clasps on both ends. I also had her remove the ugle metal chain that my medic alert came on. Now I can choose which bracelet to wear on the ID. I’m sure you could find a jeweler who could do the same thing for you. Or better yet, go to a bead studio and make your own!

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