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I Promise It Won’t…

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As you can probably tell from previous posts, I have been traveling a lot recently. Actually I have been traveling a lot since I got my pump. I do not take it off when I go through the metal detector. There is not really much metal in it so there really is no need.

I usually don’t say anything about it to the screeners. I just hide it well enough that they don’t even see it in the first place.
On my most recent trip to Minnesota, the group I was with had decided to skip lunch before our trip to the airport. I was hungry and had popped a few glucose tablets in the van. The check-in line was relatively short and I was able to make it through in just a few minutes. I then moved on to the security line which was also very short.
I got to the front of the line and the TSA agent asked me if I wanted to remove my cell phone. “No,” I said. “It is not a cell phone. It is an insulin pump and I promise it will not set off the metal detectors.”
Quite a bold statement, but I had never – in almost 4 years – had my pump set off an alarm before.

I hand the TSA agent my boarding pass and step through the detector. Beep-Beep-Beep. “I am going to have to ask you to step through again ma’am.”
I remove my watch and take my driver’s license out of my pocket. I step back through the detector and Beep-Beep-Beep set it off again.

I then get the honor of being wanded and patted down by a female TSA agent. The following items set off with the wand and were thoroughly examined by the back of the hand: all metal pieces on my undergarments, the snaps on the front of my pants, the grommets down the sides of my pant legs (adjustable from pants to capris), and of course my pump.

Oh well. I still will not be removing it the next time through but perhaps I won’t make such a lofty guarantee! 🙂


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  1. Ohhhh what a familar sight!!

    Most of the times the scanners don’t even find my pump!! Last time….I was patted down and the pump and sensor not found….ok, that is a little scarry!

    I had the same thing happen – was told to remove my pump, but I had to say no three times and explain three times before the scanner realized what I was talking about! HA!

  2. When I first got my pump, I set off about every other security machine I walked through. Irritated with getting patted down, I just unclip my pump and toss it into my purse and send it through the X-ray machine and then clip it back on afterwards. Works just fine for me!

  3. Sara

    You look pretty glum in that picture. Cheerup, it’s just another of those fun parts of having diabetes. :-}

    Me, I declare it all and carry all my supplies in a separate zip loc bag. I figure it’s worth pointing it out in advance rather that getting attention as the possible Irish diabetic terrorist!

  4. Minnesota Nice

    Oh my, the picture tells it all!

  5. Scott K. Johnson

    LOL! What a great picture!

  6. Dixie and I fly to Atlanta next Sunday… I’ll be interested in seeing if my pump sets off the buzzer. I think that Dixie has to get wanded anyway so maybe I’ll just unhook my pump and put it in her pocket. Then she can deal with the issue. 🙂
    Glad that you made it back home safely.

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