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And I’m Back!

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I finally got back from Minnesota last night/this morning. It was an interesting airport adventure. Out flight was supposed to leave at 4 pm, but we did not leave until 6. We actually boarded at 5 so we could get in the super long runway line. Guess where the problem was that caused the delay… Atlanta (their computer system failed). Guess where we were headed… Atlanta!!

Our group was originally separated into two separate second flights. Because of the delay, the first group missed their second flight (though it was delayed as well) by about 15 minutes. The airport was packed and the line to rebook was (no exaggeration) over an hour long. Thankfully, they were able to get on our flight by flying stand-by. The irony of the situation is that those on the earlier flight had paid about $200 more. Oops!

I was in Minnesota for a conference and will likely post more about that later, but I had to post about all the fun I had at the Diabetes OC meet-up. Sarah and Minnesota Nice couldn’t make it but Scott, Molly, Amber (and her sister), and I were able to cause enough trouble.

First, I have to tell you a great story about the kindness of strangers. Right before I got picked up for the meet-up I took a picture and my low battery light came on! Can you believe it, a blogger meet-up with no pictures. We were meeting at a shopping center, so while Scott picked our seats at Panera I headed into the mall to find some batteries. The only problem was that it was 6 pm on a Sunday. I was met by a bunch of stores with their security gates already down. I was starting to panic! I quickly headed for the first employee I saw – at a cell phone kiosk. I said something like, “I know the mall is closing but do you know where I can find some batteries quickly?” He asked me what size, and mentioned that he had just returned from camping and still had his bag with him with some batteries that he had not used. He quickly dug out 4 fresh AA batteries. I asked if he wanted anything in return and he refused. I quickly headed back to Panera impressed with the “Minnesota Nice”.

The dinner was sooo much fun! I have never laughed so much about diabetes in my entire life. It was so great to spend so much time with people who actually understand. We complained about all those stupid diabetes aggravations – including Amber’s vial sizes!! 🙂

From the ‘pride cometh before a fall’ archives, Scott asked me how I managed to not overtreat my lows. I talked about how I knew how many carbs I would need to raise my numbers to an acceptable level and I would take however many glucose tabs that would equal (typically 1-2). Well, the next night I had a crazy low that including some pretty wicked nausea. And I needed to get ready for a banquet. Here is the e-mail I sent to the group the next day:

“Remember how I said that I didn’t usually over-treat my lows? I had one yesterday afternoon (43), and proceeded to have: one glucose tablet (the last in the container), a snack-size bag of peanut butter ritz sandwiches, a DingDong, and the bag of chips I saved from Panera. 30 minutes later I was at 85, but 2-3 hours later I was at 386 – oops!!”

… to which Scott replied, “did you simply panic because you couldn’t get your second glucose tablet? Or did you say “man, all that stuff that Scott eats when he’s low sounds really good…” and throw A1C control to the wind?”

I think it must have been a little of both!!


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  1. Sounds like great fun and thanks for the photo!

  2. I missed seeing you around DD while you were gone! Sounds like it was a fun trip! Glad you are back! –Jill

  3. Scott K. Johnson

    Glad you made it back home in one piece.

    I got a kick out of you over treating your low so soon after our get together! Made me chuckle!

    Another local blogger who couldn’t make it was Minnesota Nice from Purple Haze. She’s awesome too – and it’s too bad she couldn’t make it.

    Next time!

  4. Thanks for the reminder Scott. She had said earlier that she was not coming so I forgot to add her to the list.

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