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If I Didn’t Know Better, I’d Swear It Was Contagious

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I just found out that another one of my coworkers was just diagnosed with diabetes (Type 2). We are a relatively small department – about 30 people. Within that there is myself (Type 1), a mother of a young adult Type 1 son, and now THREE Type 2 diabetics. In the larger company, I know of three other Type 1 diabetics and I am sure there are plenty of Type 2 folks hiding out there too. Is it something in the water?

I am also increasingly frustrated by the lack of good diabetes education and support out there. I am constantly telling them information that they should have heard from their doctor. One had a broken meter for weeks and did nothing about it until I called our insurance company for her to see what brand of strips they would cover for her. Meanwhile, I have four perfectly functional meters.

I spoke to our HR department about forming some sort of support group to share information, knowledge, etc. This desire came about after my experience with being charged incorrectly for 16 months in our prescription plan. We are part of a cooperative with other similar companies in our area to reduce the cost. Well it seems that the cooperative would like to pilot a program called “***** Cares”, with extra support and assistance for people with chronic conditions. They are starting with diabetes. I think they may be catching on to the whole “spend a little now on us to save a lot later”. We will be participating as will another company that is much bigger in size within our cohort. The lady from HR seemed to indicate that by being involved we would have access to some extra benefits and free stuff. You know how much I like free stuff! The soonest it would start would be in about two weeks – but I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. By the lack of comments, I don’t think enough of you caught my previous post. Here is another chance for you. Check it out here if you linked to this post directly.


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  1. Good for you for helping others in your company!

  2. That is great Sara!

    The video link is not working 😦

  3. Good on you for getting involved & helping out 🙂 It seems like we diabetics have to do a lot of the educating 😦
    I know I was lost when I started out, and if it wasn’t for forums I wouldn’t know much at all about control. My doc was useless, Endo helpful but too cautious, and it was only when I found other D’s online that I finally learnt truly helpful things to help me make sense of it all and get decent a1cs!

    Like George said, the video wont play – you’ll have to re-do it yourself, can you sing?! 😉

  4. manny hernandez

    I know what you mean. Whenever I find out someone else in my company is diabetic I feel a certain kind of surprise, although I shouldn’t, considering there’s over 21 million people with diabetes in the US.

    BTW, I want to extend you and your readers an invitation to join TuDiabetes at It’s a Social Network for Diabetics I started earlier this year. It would be an honor to have you join in and participate on it.

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