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Because of You

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I just watched this duet on the Academy of Country Music Awards show tonight. Oh my gosh – it is AMAZING!!!! Turn up the volume and rock out!! Seriously, I was crying by the time they were done.

Sure, they are supposed to be singing about guys, but does anyone else think of their diabetes when they hear it?


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  1. You are right, I had not seen the relation before but diabetes could be symbolized in there. Good song… I am really starting to like country music more and more.
    -Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Sara – the video clip wouldn’t load. Said it was unavailable. Can you swap it out?

  3. I was wondering how long it would last – let me see if I can find another one.

  4. Sara

    I think they’re talking about one of the officers from my local police force. 🙂

    Nice song, I didn’t get to watch the show. And it could certainly be about the big D.

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