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Shut Up And Sing?

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First of all, if we are talking red state or blue state, I am a red state. I tried-and-true through-and-through red state.

I also like country music. I think the Dixie Chicks play some of the best country music, not pop-country but true folk-country.

Blockbuster was having a great sale so I bought the Dixie Chicks documentary “Shut Up and Sing”. What can I say – I was curious. I went with my best friend to the Top of the World Tour in 2003 – the one that the controversy was all about. Well, I’m watching it right now – they show Natalie making her infamous statement.

I have to admit, I feel conflicted. People say stupid stuff like that all the time. They just don’t have a microphone in front of them. And if you look back at the history of the Chicks, Natalie is known for saying some silly things.

Country radio stations stopped playing their music and encouraged their listeners to throw away their CDs. Basically, the country world has completely turned their back on the Chicks – but the music they are playing is still country and more country, in fact, than half the stuff they do play.

So what do you think? Free speech or unpatriotic?


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  1. Of course it’s free speech – and I think it’s all the better when someone with a microphone and a platform speaks up. Our country’s biggest problem is apathy. Most people don’t vote – many people just don’t care. I may not agree with what comes out of the mouths of some celebrities, but I think it’s important for them to speak up – to show people it’s important for regular folks – who aren’t politicians, that is – to have an opinion and be willing to express it.

    And no – disagreeing with your government is the exact opposite of “unpatriotic,” in fact, it is the most patriotic thing any of us could do. It’s what our forefathers fought for – it’s what our young men and women fighting all over the world are protecting.

  2. I agree with Nicole 100%.

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